The 9th International Conference on Military Geosciences (ICMG) was hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, by the Desert Research Institute.

Theme: Desert Warfare – Past Lessons and Modern Challenges

Military activities – past, present, and future – will always be tied to a wide spectrum of geosciences. Throughout history, the decisive outcomes of numerous battles on land have been dictated in large part by the terrain and environmental conditions. Modern military operations rely on a range of land-, air-, and space-borne intelligence supplemented with expert knowledge of variable terrain processes and conditions.

The modern study of environmental sciences is critical for both evaluation of how terrain and landsurface conditions may impact military equipment and operations as well as development of sustainable management practices for military reservations and installations. Further, potential increases in geopolitical instability, driven in part by decreasing natural resources and environmental impacts related to global climate change, will be a factor in determining the future and fate of global military conflicts.