The 11th International Conference on Military Geosciences (ICMG) was hosted in Annapolis, Maryland, USA.

Theme: The Future of Military Geosciences – Scientific Capabilities, Global Security, and Sustainability

Sub-themes for this conference included these and other topics:

  • International security: borders to natural resources
  • Sustainability: from military training areas to deployed settings
  • Coastal and marine environments: warfare to environmental impacts
  • Climate and conflict: military response to predictive climate change
  • 21st Century military hotspots: Future conflict – past warfare
  • Beyond warfare: Pandemics to providing vital resources



Conference Details

Location: US Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, USA
Dates: 15 – 19 June 2015
Conveners: Peter Guth and Eric McDonald
Sponsoring Organisation: US Naval Academy
Advisory Board: Bulmer, Gellasch, Guth, McDonald
Presenters on Programme: 27
Number of Registrants: 31
Pre-conference Field Trip: None
Mid-conference Field Trips: Antietam Battlefield; Fort McHenry and downtown Baltimore; US Naval Academy and downtown Annapolis
Post-conference Field Trip: None
Proceedings Volume: Published Jan 2020 by Springer