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Bridging Gaps Between the Geosciences and National Security

Reposted from Eos, 31 Jan 2024

The geoscience community and national security agencies need effective, two-way communication to exchange information.

by Peter Chirico, Bruce Molnia, Anthony Nguy-Robertson and Dan Opstal

Bridges must be created between the geoscience and national security communities to ensure reliable and current science is available to guide decisionmaking.
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The U.S. national security community, comprising agencies tasked with the country’s defense and intelligence gathering, needs reliable and current science to guide its decisionmaking with respect to climate change, the clean energy transition, water resources, and other complex issues.

For example, climate change is affecting the stability of various nation-states. Decreasing Arctic sea ice volume and extent are driving changes in global navigation patterns. Locating new rare earth mineral deposits is critical for powering the next generation of civilian and military electric vehicles and aircraft. And military operations require access to potable water, necessitating understanding of changing freshwater resources.

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