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Special Thematic Issue of NAM on Military Cartography Call for papers

The journal Nuova Antologia Militare (NAM) is pleased to invite paper proposals for a special thematic issue on the broad theme of military cartography. NAM is international and interdisciplinary journal of the Italian Society of Military History (SISM). It is a double-blind peer reviewed, open access journal (www.nam-sism.org) with the scope to military applications of geography, cartography, geosciences and archaeology.

Contributions may involve research on any aspect of military mapping, including but not limited to, production and use of topographic, marine and aeronautical maps in wartimes, application and development of aerial photography, production of military atlases and atlases of military history, as well as production and use of numerous thematic military maps such archaeological maps of military sites, engineering and trench maps, target maps, fortification and through-way town plans, etc. We are interested in maps produced by various national mapping and intelligence agencies but also of resistance movements and partisan groups. Papers referring to military operation related to Italy are especially welcome.

A title and abstract of no more than 500 words should be submitted to Mirela Altić (mirela.altic@gmail.com), Aldino Bondesan (aldino.bondesan@gmail.com) or to Carlo Beltrame (beltrame@unive.it) by April 30, 2021.

The present thematic issue is guest-edited by Professors Mirela Altić (University of Zagreb), Aldino Bondesan (University of Padova) and Carlo Beltrame (University of Venice) and supervised by Virgilio Ilari (President of SISM and Director of NAM).


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