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ICMG’22 Report and ICMG’24 Update

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had the opportunity to correspond with the Association membership, so I hope this email finds you all well.

I have no doubt that everyone is as busy as ever, largely off the back of international events over the past 18 months, but also life just seems to be getting more hectic!

To that end, I will keep this brief:

  1. ICMG’24 – Event Flyer and Registation: Dr Ivan Henrico and his South African team have made terrific progress with preparations for the next conference which return to South Africa for the second time. The linked PDF of the flyer HERE provides a comprehensive outline of what’s to come in the Cape, and the registration page is now open HERE.

2. ICMG’22 – Reports: The USA team have prepared the conference and post-conference tour report, linked HERE. I’ve also posted this into the Association website HERE.

Post-conference group at Fort Fisher: (left to right): Jennifer Keilhofer, Ted Huscher, Steve Henderson, Brad Sion, Eric McDonald, Connie Taylor, and Kitty Henderson.

There, I told you I’d keep it brief!

Please do pass this information along to any of your colleagues, students, fellow service personnel and peers. Remember that membership if free and open to all. To register for updates, anyone can email me at Secretary@militarygeoscience.org

Yours Sincerely,

Drew Craig,
Secretary to the International Association for Military Geosciences.