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ICMG’24 Update and Short Course in QGIS

A notice from Dr Ivan Henrico, Senior Lecturer, Department of Military Geography, Stellenbosch University.

Firstly, progress is being made on planning for next year’s ICMG conference. The first call for abstracts should be out in the next week or two. An interesting development for this conference is to enable virtual, online participation for some major Military Academies and Colleges. More on all of that soon.

Dr Henrico would also like to inform Association members of a short course in QGIS software. This course is registered and presented under the banner of Stellenbosch University.

Unfortunately, to cover costs and university fees, an application fee is required to attend the course, which amounts to around US$450 for the four-day (online) course. If there are any IAMG members interested in attending this course, they can simply follow the link on the attached poster (see link below):